Hire Our Pros to Manage Your Shipments

Reach out to our logistics management company in Jennings, LA

In-house transportation and shipping can only take you so far. If you want to bring your shipping operation to the next level, choose Trico Transportation for professional hauling services. Our team will transport your products to their intended destination quickly and safely, every time.

Do you have professional driving experience? Want to help us improve businesses in the Jennings, LA area? Visit our application page now and fill out the provided form to be considered for a position at our logistics management company.

What are the benefits of logistics management services?

When you hire our logistics management company to handle your product shipments, you'll be taking a step to expand your business and maintain positive relationships with your customers. Our shipping and hauling pros can help you:

  • Make your business more efficient
  • Establish a larger shipping area
  • Keep your transportation expenses low

To arrange for hauling services in Jennings, LA or the surrounding area, call 337-824-8632 now.